Our mission

Beyond the rough sea of language barriers, cultural misunderstandings and ineffective language, there is a place of true understanding, where all meaning is preserved and all human languages melt into one.

Beyond the Sea is a meeting place beyond prejudice, where real communication can take place, beyond outer forms, beyond all preconceptions that poison the spirit. It is the place of simplicity, where we meet others beyond the image we have created of them, and we truly show ourselves to others, without the hindrance of our own misconceptions.

Beyond the Sea is the place where difference is preserved, where one reality is conjugated in a plurality of ways, where linguistic diversity, rather than being a burden, becomes a way to embrace all the complexity of human experience.

A translator, in our vision, is nothing but a person who has visited such place. Having come back, this person is now eager to help others communicate and share. Good translators are able to turn a wall into a bridge, the Tower of Babel into a Greek agorà or an Ottoman çarşı, where learning, economic transactions and inter-cultural communication can take place. A good translator is a person who has made an art of conveying the same message into different forms, and is now willing to put his expertise at the service of others.

All the people in our team of translators share the same values of professionalism and commitment to the multifaceted art of translation. An essential requirement to be part of Beyond the Sea, besides a thorough knowledge of both source and target languages, is unobjectionable commitment to delivering high-quality translations in reasonable time, to make real communication happen.

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