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Our Mission

Beyond the rough sea of language barriers, cultural misunderstandings and ineffective language, there is a place of true understanding, where all meaning is preserved and all human languages melt into one.
Beyond the Sea is a meeting place beyond prejudice, where real communication can take place, beyond outer forms, beyond all preconceptions that poison the spirit. It is the place of simplicity, where we meet others beyond the image we have created of them, and we truly show ourselves to others, without the hindrance of our own misconceptions.


Get your message across,
overcome language barriers,
expand your horizons,
go Beyond the Sea

General translations

This is the simplest of all translation types, as it mostly uses non-technical terms and ordinary, everyday speech. Most translation work falls into this particular category.

Medical translations

Such translations are highly complex and involve translating medical textbooks, drug labeling, medical equipment manuals as well as medical reports and articles of scientific nature.

Legal translations

This category represents one of the most complicated professional translation types including contracts, official documents, agreements and many other legal documents. Such translations are not possible without a thorough understanding of the legal and socio-cultural context behind a legal text, as well as a deep knowledge of both source and target legal cultures.

Business translations

This includes any sort of documents used in the business world such as emails, letters, tender documents, reports, etc. Such texts often require specialised translators with knowledge of the specific terminology used in the international business world.

Marketing translations

This category includes promotional material such as leaflets, posters, brochures and anything that would be used in a marketing campaign. Such typology of translations is extremely culture-sensitive and requires great passion and creativity.

Literary translations

Poems, novels, songs, short stories, and plays. Literary translation is probably the most sublime and challenging type of translation, as it goes far beyond mere textual adherence and it requires a subtle attitude to capture the uncountable nuances and evanescent beauty interwoven with words and pauses of a given text.